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1 of a mated pair 100 year old pecan tree 1st cycle male 1st cycle male northern shoveler 1st winter male 2 days old 2nd brood 2nd grade class 2nd winter gull 5th instar 6 days old 8 days old 8 eyes a pond in rheudasil park a woman's garden aberrant feathers above my head above the lower spillway abstract acacia acanthocephala femorata acanthocephala sp. acanthocephala terminalis accidental shot accipiter cooperii accipiter striatus achenes which contain the seeds achyra rantalis acmella repens acorn acorns acrobat acrobat ant across lawther from sunset bay action action shot actitis macularius adaptive admirable grasshopper adorable adult adult american white ibis adult blue jay adult breeding american white ibis adult cooper's hawk adult female adult female cardinal adult female northern cardinal adult hawk adult herring gull adult katydid adult least sandpiper adult male american kestrel adult male cardinal adult male european starling adult male kestrel adult male northern cardinal adult male red bellied woodpecker adult milkweed bug adult nonbreeding herring gull adult northern cardinal adult nutria adult redshouldered hawk adult ringbilled gull adult squirrel aedes albopictus aerial view african brown goose african daisy african goose african swans african white goose afternoon light agelaius phoeniceus aggression aggressive aggressive behavior agitated agraulis vanillae airplane plant airplanes aix sponsa ajuga ajuga reptans alarm alarmed alaus oculatus albizia julibrissin alert algae alleviates bleeding disorders alleviates pms alligator gar allium allium sativum allium tuberosum alone along duck creek along huffines creek along stone creek alopochen aegyptiaca alternate medicine alypia octomaculata amaryillis amaryllis amber amberwing ambitious american beautyberry american beaver american bird grasshopper american bird grasshopper nymph american bumble bee american coot american crow american eagle american gold finch american goldfinch american kestrel american lady american lady butterfly american lady hodges4434 american pekin duck american robin american snout american snout butterfly american sycamore tree american waterwillow american white ibis american white ibis branchers american white ibis egg american white ibis fledgling american white ibis hatchling american white ibis nest american white ibis nestling american white ibis nestlings american white pelican american wigeon amorpha juglandis amphibian anaphrodisiac anas acuta anas americana anas carolinensis anas clypeata anas cyanoptera anas discors anas platyrhynchos anas platyrhynchos cairina moschata anas platyrhynchos domestica anas platyrhynchos domesticus anas strepera anax junius anaxyrus woodhousei ancistrocerus unifasciatus ancona ancona duck ancyloxypha numitor andromorph andromorph female rambur's forktail angel angel wing syndrome angry angry bird anhinga anhinga anhinga anhinga chick anhinga chicks anhinga fledglilng anhinga hatchling anhinga nest animal statue annoyed annual cicada anole anolis carolinensis anomoea flavokansiensis anoplius anoplius sp. anser anser domesticus anser anser var. domesticus anser cygnoides domesticus ant ant mound antelope horns milkweed seed pod antelopehorns milkweed antenna antennae anthophora abrupta anthrenus verbasci anticipation ants anxious apalone spinifera ssp. pallida aphid exuviae aphids aphis nerii aphoebantus aphoebantus sp apis mellifera apoid wasp apple apple blossom apple blossom amaryllis apple core apricot apricot bearded iris aquatic aquatic beetle aquatic bird aquatic birds aquatic bug aquatic flower aquatic grass aquatic grasses aquatic midge aquatic moth aquatic snake aquatic turtle aquatic wildflower aquatic wildflowers arabesque orbweaver arachnid arboretum archilochus alexandri archilochus colubris archytas apicifer archytas marmoratus ardea alba ardea herodias area behind the lower spillway steps arge humeralis argia apicalis argia immunda argia moesta argia sedula argia sp argiope aurantia arigomphus submedianus arilus cristatus arkansas yucca armadillidium vulgare armadillo bug art arthropod artic bird artic sandpiper artistic asclepias asperula asclepias asperula ssp. capricornu asian ladybeetle asian tiger mosquito asian tramp snail asiatic lily asleep asparagus fern asparagus setaceus assassin assassin bug aster asterocampa celtis asterocampa celtis celtis asterocampa clyton texana asters at my feet atalopedes campestris atomosia sp. atractosteus spatula attached attaching attack attacking attitude attracts bees attracts butterflies attracts hummingbirds attracts pollinators augochlorella sp. aurora borealis autumn autumn colors autumn gold autumn gold tree autumn leaves awake awkward aythya affinis aythya americana aythya collaris aythya valisineria azaleas azure sage babies baby baby anhinga baby anole baby barn swallow baby barred owl baby bird baby birds baby blue jay baby brownheaded cowbird baby canada geese baby cardinal baby cattle egret baby cooper's hawk baby cowbird baby downy woodpecker baby duckling baby ducklings baby food baby fuzz baby hawk baby hawks baby ibis baby killdeer baby mallard baby mantises baby night heron baby owl baby red eared slider baby redshouldered hawk baby redwinged blackbird baby river cooter baby sparrow baby squirrel baby starling baby turtle baby western kingbirds baby western kingbirds in the nest baby wood ducks bachelor button bachelor's buttons back deck back view back yard background background colors backlit backyard bad hair bad teeth baeolophus bicolor baeolophus bicolor atricristatus balance balancing bald bald cypress bald eagle bald eagle nest ballerinas ballet baltimore oriole baltimore oriole feeder banana banded banded bird banded pelican bandit bank bank of the creek that runs between the lower spillway steps and the lower spillway proper banked turn banking banking for a turn bare bare branches bark barn swallow barn swallow nest barn swallow tongue barred owl barred owlet base of the dam basketball court basking bat house bath bathing battle battle in the air battle scarred battle scars battle wounds battlefield beach beak beak bump beak horn beaking beard bearded iris bearded iris leaf beautiful beautiful blue eyes beauty beaver beaver pond becoming bedraggled bee bee balm bee balm jacob kline bee balm leaf bee fly bee hive bee in flight bee killer bee mimic bee tongue beetle beetles begging beginnings of a nest behavior series behind the dam bejeweled belch bellis perennis belly band belly flop below me below metal walking bridge on opposite side from the lower spillway steps below my window below the dam below the walking path belted kingfisher beneficial beneficial bug berries berry between the pier and the beach bicyrtes quadrifasciatus bif big baby big blue sage big eyes big leaf periwinkle bike bike path bill color bill droop bill rubbing bill stretching bill vibrating bird bird bath bird behavior bird butt bird dandruff bird feeder bird gang bird in flight bird nest bird of prey bird seed bird sitting on eggs bird tongue bird's eye view birdbath birdfeeder birdfeeder pole birdhouse birding hotspot birds birdseed bite biting bizarre black black and orange black and orange butterfly black and orange moth black and white black and white mason wasp black and white stripes black and white wasp black and yellow black and yellow mud dauber black beak black bird black cat black chinned hummingbird black crested swedish duck black crowned night heron black head black indian runner duck black saddlebags black soldier fly black swallowtail butterfly black swedish duck black toenails black yellow garden spider blackandgold bumble bee blackbacked gull blackbellied whistling duck blackbird blackcrested titmouse blackcrowned night heron blackcrowned night heron nestling blackeyed susans blackland prairie blacknecked stilt blacknecked stilts blend in blending in blind bloated blond blond fox squirrel blood bloom bloom stalk bloom stalks blooms blooper blow fly blowfly blue blue beak blue bill blue butt blue crested swedish duck blue damselfly blue dasher blue dasher dragonfly blue dasher pachydiplax longipennis blue dress blue eggs blue eye rings blue eyed squirrel blue eyes blue face blue feathers blue flower blue flowers blue form female blue form female bluefronted dancer blue fronted dancer blue head blue indian runner duck blue jay blue jay fledgling blue jay tongue blue lores blue moon blue paint blue periwinkle blue ringed dancer blue ringed dancers blue sage blue skies blue sky blue swedish duck blue water blue waters blue wildflower blue winged teal blue wisteria bluebird blueblack spider wasp blueeyed grass bluefaced meadowhawk bluefronted dancer bluefronted dancers bluegray gnatcatcher blueringed dancers bluewinged teal bluish purple blur blurr blurred blustery boardwalk body body armor body guards bodyguards bokeh bold bold jumper bombus auricomus bombus pensylvanicus bombycilla cedrorum bonaparte's gull bonded pair bonding book bored audience bos tarus boss boston fern bottle fly bottomless pit bottomless pits bougainvillea boulders bowing boy boysenberry sherbet ice cream bearded iris bradford pear bradford pear tree bradybaena similaris braking bramble branched brancher branchers branches branching branta canadensis branta canadensis parvipes bread bread crumb bread crust bread crusts breakfast breckinridge park breeding breeding adult breeding bump breeding colors breeding display breeding horn breeding pair breeding plumage breeding plumes breeding season breeding season beak horn brick brick column brick column above creek between lower spillway steps and lower spillway proper brick on side of house brick wall bricksandstone column bridge over the lower spillway steps bright bright sunlight bright sunshine bristle fly broad headed sharpshooter broadleaf arrowhead broadwinged skipper bromeliad flies bronze statue brood patch brooding brook brown brown and orange butterfly brown butterfly brown chinese goose brown down brown eyes brown grasshopper brown headed cowbird brown morph brown phase brownheaded cowbird brownheaded cowbird fledgling brush brushes bubbles bubulcus ibis bucephala albeola buck teeth bucket list buckeye buckskin bud buddleja davidii buffet buffleheads bug bug face bugs building building 24 bulb bulbs bulbulcus ibis bull bullfrog bullfrog statue bullrushes bully bulrushes bumble bee bunch bunny bunny ear burgundy bearded iris burgundy daylily burgundy flower burleson texas burnished gold burp burying burying nut burying nut for the winter bush bush cicada bushes busted buteo jamaicensis buteo lineatus butorides virescens butt butt shot butt view butter butt butterball butterfly butterfly amaryllis butterfly attracting flowers butterfly bush butterfly butt butterfly habitat butterfly house butterfly in flight butterfly life cycle butterfly tongue buttonbush buttonbush flowers butts by the lower steps of the spillway cabbage white cabbage white butterfly cactus caenurgia chloropha caged cairina moschata cairina moschata domestica caladium caladium leaf calidris minutilla caligo memnon calisthenics callicarpa americana calling calliphora calliphora sp. calliphoridae calm calycopis cecrops camera camouflage campsis x tagliabuana canada geese canada goose canada goose family canis lupus familiaris canna canna x generalis 'red king humbert' canvasback canvasback ducks carcked corn cardinal cardinal jumping spider cardinalis cardinalis cardinalis carduelis tristis carduus nutans carolina chickadee carolina jasmine carolina jessamine carolina mantid carolina mantis carolina mantis egg case carolina wren carp carpenter bee carpet beetle carpet border asiatic lily carpet bugle carport carrion carrion eater cassiar castilleja indivisa castilleja indivisa engelm cat cat furniture cat grass cat tongue catch catching catching fish catching flies caterpillar catfish cathartes aura cats cattails cattle egret cattle egret chick cattle egret chicks cattle egret eggs cattle egret fledgling cattle egret nest cattle egret nestling cattle egret nestlings cattle egret tongue caught a fish cautious cedar waxwing cement slant centaurea cyanus center central and south america butterfly cephalanthus occidentalis ceraunus blue ceraunus blue hodges4359 cercis canadensis cerulean blue iris cerulean blue skies chain chalcid wasp change changing seasons chaos charadrius vociferous charles chase chasteberry tree chattering chauliognathus marginatus checking me out checking messages chelicerae chelydra serpentine chen rossii cherry blossoms cherry tree chick chickadee chickadees chicks child children chillin chilling chiloé wigeon chiloé wigeons chimney bee chinaberry chinaberry tree chinese geese chinese goose chinese pistache chinese tallow chinese tallow berries chinese tallow tree chinese white goose chipping sparrow chironomidae chironomidae family chirping chlorochroa ligata chlorophytum comosum choices chortophaga viridifasciata christmas christmas decorations christmas ornament chroicocephalus philadelphia chrysactinia mexicana chrysalis chrysanthemum chrysis chrysoperla rufilabris chrysopilus basilaris chubby church parking lot church sidewalk cicada cinnamon teal circles circling cirsium texanum cisco cisseps fulvicollis civic minded cixiid cixiid planthopper cixiinae clash claspers claw claw snag claws clay nest cleaning clearing clearwing click beetle clicking action climbers climbing climbing hempvine climbing rose clipped ear close up closed wings closer closeup of head cloud reflections clouded skipper clouded sulphur cloudless sulphur clouds cloudy cloudy day clover clueless cluster coastal plains toad cobalt blue cobweb coccinella septempunctata cocculus carolina cocklebur coenagrionidae coexisting cold cold day cold feet cold wind coleus colias eurytheme colias philodice collared dove collin county color color coordination color variations colorful colorful leaves coloring colors coluber constrictor flaviventris columba livia comfy coming of age coming right at me common common blue morpho common buckeye common carp common checkered skipper common crow common dandelion common duckweed common duckweed lemna minor common earthworm common egret common grackle common green darner common mestra common paper wasp common pill bug common poppy common snapping turtle common sunflower common whitetail communication comparision competition complex eyes compound eyes concentration concentric concentric cones conchuela stinkbug nymph concrete condyle condylostylus caudatus coneflower confidence conflict confused container container plant contemplative content contentment contrail conversation convolvulus equitans cool cooling off coon cooper elementary cooper's hawk cooper's hawk nest cooper's hawk nestling cooperative cooperative feeding cooperative fishing coot cooter coparenting copestylum sexmaculatum copestylum vesicularium coreopsis cormorant cormorant bay cormorants corn corvus brachyrhynchos cosmos cosmos sp. cotinis nitida cotton candy colors cotton morning glory cotton rat cottontail cottontail rabbit cottonwood park couple coupled up courting courtship courtship behavior courtship behaviors courtship dance courtship display cove cover covered porch cowbird cowbird fledgling coy coypu crab spider cracked corn crane fly crawdad crawdaddy crayfish crayons crazy eyes creamy creek creek between lower spillway steps and creek between lower spillway steps and lower spillway creek between the lower spillway steps and creek between the lower spillway steps and the spillway creeping water primrose creepy crematogaster ashmeadi crepe myrtle crepe myrtle blossom crepe myrtle blossoms crepe myrtle seeds crepe myrtle tree crepe myrtles crest crested crested duck crested ducks crests crimson crispa tulip crocus crocus sp. crossandra crow crowded crown crumbs crustaceans cuckoo wasp cuckoos cucumber beetle cuddle cuddling cumberland slider curb curculio sp curious curlicue curve cute cyanocitta cristata cygnus olor cyperus esculentus cypress cypress knee cyprinus carpio cyprinus carpio haematopterus dabbler dabbling dabbling duck daffodil dainty sulphur daisy dalea candida dalea purpurea dallas arboretum dallas blooms dallas county dallas county texas dallas southside water treatment plant dallas texas dam damianita daisy damselfly damselfly in flight danaus gilippus danaus plexippus dance dancer dancing dandelion danger dappled sunlight dark dark day dark eyed junco dark top of head datura inoxia daucus carota dawn daylight daylily dead dead catfish dead fish dead great egret dead leaf dead squirrel dead stump dead tree dead tree stump deadly death debris deck decorative wing scales. deep purple bearded iris defeathering defending deformed beak deformed claw deformed feet deformed legs deformed toe deformity delicate delphinia picta delphinium demanding dendrocygna autumnalis dense fog dental office dentist derp derp face desert chicory destructive detail details detrivores dew dew drops dewberries dewberry dewlap diabrotica undecimpunctata diagonal diamondback water snake diaphania costata dichromorpha viridis didelphis virginiana differential grasshopper differential grasshoppers diffuse light digger wasp digging digging hole digging in the dirt dilated dilated eye dimorphic jumping spider dining table dipping food in water dirt dirt path dirtcolored seed bug dirty feathers disfigurement disgusted look display display behaviors displaying dispute distemper distinctive call distracting diurnal diva diving diving bird diving ducks diving technique dixon branch dixon branch lagoon do your own thing dog dog poop dolba hyloeus domestic domestic cat domestic dog domestic duck domestic ducks domestic goose domestic horse domestic mallard domestic mallard x muscovy duck hybrid domestic muscovy duck domestic swan goose domestic swan x greylag hybrid doris longwing dorosoma petenense double crested cormorant double crests double daffodil double take doublecrested cormorant doublecrested cormorants dove dove blood dove feathers doves dowitcher downy downy woodpecker dozing draeculacephala sp. dragonflies in flight dragonfly dragonfly in flight drake drama dreamy dreary drenched dried grass dried leaf dried stalks driftwood drilling holes drinking drinking water dripping driveway drone drone flies drop dropping fish drops dry dry grass dry grass stalk drying off drying wings duck duck butts duck creek duck penis duck potato duck sex organs duckling ducklings ducks duckweed dummy tower dunking food in water duranta erecta dusk dutch iris dythemis velox eagle eagle in flight eagle nest ear ear hole eared grebe earthworm eastern amberwing eastern black swallowtail eastern bluebird eastern cottontail rabbit eastern kingbird eastern kingbird family eastern kingbird parent eastern leaffooted bug eastern musk turtle eastern phoebe eastern pondhawk eastern redbud eastern screech owl eastern tiger swallowtail eastern yellowbellied racer easterneyed click beetle eating eating a native bee eating seeds echinargus isola eclipse eclipse plumage eclosure ecuador edible education educational eelgrass effect efferia aestuans egg egg case egg sac eggs egret egret brancher egret chick egret eggs egret fledgling egret hatchling egret hatchlings egret juvenile egret nestling egret nestlings egret sex egretta caerulea egretta thula egretta tricolor egyptian goose eightspotted forester moth eightspotted forester moth hodges9314 elderly male electric tower electrical electrical wires elelphant ears elementary children elephant ear leaf elephant ears emerald emerald wasp emerging empty chrysalis empty ladybug pupa empty pupa enallagma civile enallagma exsulans enchanted encounter endangered engelmann's daisy engelmannia peristenia english daisy enicospilus sp. ichneumonidae ophioninae entomologist entourage entrance epargyreus clarus ephalus philadelphia ephemeral equus ferus caballus eremnophila aureonotata eristalis stipator eristalis transversa erodium cicutarium erythemis simplicicollis erythronium albidum esperanza ethereal eudocimus albus eudryas unio euodynerus pratensis euptoieta claudia eurasian collared dove european starling european starlings eve's necklace eve's necklace tree evening evening primrose evergreen evergreen tree evil eye excrement exercise exercising exotic expanded throat exploring expressive extension cord exuviae eye eye contact eye level eye lids eye on the sky eye reflection eye ring eye sockets eye spots eye stroking eye to eye eyebrows eyelashes eyeless eyes eyes closed face face shot facing me faded failure fair park fake eyes fake stinger falco sparverius falcon fall fall berries fall bloomer fall bulb fall color fall colors fall flower fall leaf fall leaves fall lilies fall migration fall moon fall warbler fallen tree falling falling snow false eyes false turkey tail mushroom false zebra longwing familiar bluet family family sarcophagidae family tetrigidae family tipulidae fan dance fangs fashion fashion show fast fat fat squirrel father and child father and daughter father anhinga favorite perch fawn colored fawn white indian runner duck fearless feather feather crown feather detail feather details feather legged feather legged fly feather toy feathers fee feed buckets feeder feeder statue feeding feeding behavior feeling brave feet feisty feline felis catus felis domesticus female female admirable grasshopper female african brown goose female african goose female american gold finch female american goldfinch female american kestrel female american wigeon female anhinga female arabesque orbweaver female barn swallow female barred owl female beaver female bee female belted kingfisher female blue dasher female blue winged teal female bluebird female bluefronted dancer female bluegray gnatcatcher female blueringed dancer female bluewinged teal female bristle fly female brown headed cowbird female bufflehead female butterfly female cabbage white butterfly female canvasback duck female cardinal female carolina mantis female carpenter bee female chiloé wigeon female cloudless sulphur female common green darner female common paper wasp female common whitetail female common whitetail dragonfly female cooper's hawk female cooter female cowbird female crane fly female cumberland slider female damselfly female dancer damselfly female darkeyed junco female differential grasshopper female differential grasshoppers female downy woodpecker female dragonfly female duck female eastern amberwing female eastern black swallowtail female eastern bluebird female eastern pondhawk female eastern tiger swallowtail female eristalis stipator female feather legged fly female finch female flicker female flower fly female fly female fragile forktail female gadwall female giant robber fly female gold finch female goldfinch female goose female grackle female grasshopper female gray hairstreak female gray hairstreak hodges4336 female great golden digger wasp female great tail grackle female greattailed grackle female green winged teal female greenstriped grasshopper female greenstriped grasshopper brown phase female greenwinged teal female hairstreak female house finch female house sparrow female hoverfly female hummingbird female junco female juvenile cardinal female juvenile downy woodpecker female juvenile greattailed grackle female juvenile northern cardinal female juvenile redbellied woodpecker female juvenile woodpecker female kestrel female kiowa dancer female lesser scaup female longlegged fly female mallard female mallard duckling female mallards female mantis female mason wasp female metricus paper wasp female monarch female muscovy female narrowwinged damselfly female northern cardinal female northern flicker female northern pintail female northern shoveler female orange sulphur female pallid spiny softshell female paper wasp female ponderous spurthroat grasshopper female potter wasp female powdered dancer female powdered dancer damselfly blueform female powdered dancer damselfly brown form female praying mantis female purple martin female rambur's forktail female rambur's forktail oliveform female rat female reakirt's blue female red bellied woodpecker female red eared slider female red paper wasp female red saddlebags female red shouldered hawk female red winged blackbird female redbellied woodpecker female redeared slider female redwinged blackbird female ring necked duck female river cooter female robber fly female roof rat female roseate skimmer female rubythroated hummingbird female ruddy duck female scissortailed flycatcher female sixspotted bromeliad fly female slaty skimmer female snipe fly female southern carpenter bee female sparrow female spider female spur throated grasshopper female swallow female swift setwing female syrphid fly female tan jumping spider female teal female thinlegged wolf spider female transverse flower fly female trichopoda lanipes female turtle female two striped grasshopper female valley carpenter bee female variegated meadowhawk female wasp female white ibis female widow skimmer female wolf spider female wood duck female woodpcker female woodpecker female yellow shafted northern flicker female yellowbellied sapsucker fence fence walking lessons fencing feral feral cat feral pigeon fern ferns ferocious fiber optics field sparrow fierce fiery skipper fig newton fighting filtered light fin final approach finch finch feeder finch sock finger transfer fire ant fire ants fire butt firefly first adult of this species first damselfly in flight for me first dragonfly in flight first female of this species first female slaty skimmer first flight first of season first one first spring little blue heron first time at my feeder first time in my yard first winter first winter laughing gull first winter ring billed gull first winter ringbilled gull first year ring billed gull fish fish hatchery fish hook fish kill fish toss fishing fishing line fishing lure fishing party fishing technique flapping flash flaunting flecks of mica fledgling fledgling european starling fledgling hawk fledgling mockingbird fledgling redshouldered hawk fledgling sparrow fledglings flesh fly flexible flicker flies flight flightless flipped flirting floating primrose willow flock flock of bluewinged teal flock of cormorants flock of ibis flock of pelicans flood waters flooded flooded out flooding florida leaf footed bug florida leaffooted bug flotilla flour tortilla flower flower arrangement flower bed flower flies flower fly flower head flower mound flower mound tex as flower mound texas flower pot flower seeds flowerbed flowering garlic flowering pear tree flowering tree flowering vine flowers flowing fluff fluffed fluffy fluffy butt fluffy clouds fluffy feathers fluttering fly fly on outside wall of house flycatcher flying flying ducks flying swan foam focus focused fog foggy food for bobwhite quail food for whitetailed deer foot foot stretch football foraging forest forest tent caterpillar forest tent caterpillar hodges7698 forest tent caterpillar moth forest tent caterpillar moth hodges7698 fork fork of tree forktail forktailed bush katydid forktailed bush katydid nymph forster's tern fos foster parent found at church fountain fountain grass four cats fourspotted palpita fourspotted palpita hodges5218 fox squirrel fragaria vesca fragile forktail fragrant framed framing franklin's gull frantic freedom freeze dried mealy worms freezing freezing rain fresh friendly friends fright molt frightened fringed tulip frisbee fritillary frog statue frogs from white rock lake frond front porch front view frost frosty froth frozen frozen bird bath frozen birdbath frozen feather frozen tail fruit fuchsia fuchsia flowers fuchsia orchids fulica americana fungi fungi on fallen tree fungus funny furrow orbweaver furry furry ears fuschia iris fuzz fuzzy gadwall gaillardia pulchella galea gallinago delicata gang gape gape flange gar garden path garden spider garden statue garden statues garden webworm garden webworm moth garden webworm moth hodges4975 gardens garland road garland texas garlic garlic seed pod gathering gathering sticks gathering sticks for nest gazing gecko geese gelding gelsemium sempervirens genus parhelophilus geococcyx californianus geode geology geometric shapes geometry gerbera daisy giant giant blue sage giant butterfly giant leopard moth giant leopard moth caterpillar giant robber fly ginkgo biloba glare glass door glassywinged sharpshooter glitter gloomy gloomy day glossa glow glowing glyptotendipes barbipes gnatcatcher goes to the dam going for a walk gold and silver water gold finch gold fly golden golden eyes golden grass golden reflection golden rein wasp golden water goldenrod goldfinch good for gardens good for native bees goofy goofy looking bug goose goose nest goslings gossips goth gourds grackle graham's crayfish snake grandfather grandson grape jelly graptemys ouachitensis grass grass across lawler from sunset bay grass blade grass by the walking path above the spillway grass seed grass seed stalk grass seeds grass snake grass stalk grass stem grasshopper grassy meadow gravel gravel bar gravel path gravel walking path gravid gray bird gray feathers gray hairstreak gray hairstreak butterfly gray hairstreak hodges4336 gray tabby great blue heron great blue skimmer great egret great egret brancher great egret chick great egret fledgling great egret hatchling great egret hatchlings great egret juvenile great egret nest great egret nestling great egret nestlings great golden digger wasp great tail grackle great white heron greater periwinkle greater roadrunner greater sunset bay greater yellowlegs greattailed grackle grebe greedy green green and blue green and blue bird green and brown green and gold green and orange green and orange damselfly green and yellow and brown green and yellow sharpshooter green anole green bee green bill green bottle fly green bug green canopy green cloverworm green damselfly green flower green form green form female dancer green grasshopper green heron green june beetle green katydid green lacewing green lichen green lores green morph green pecans green praying mantis green seedpod green speculum green spider green sweat bee green water green winged teal greenhouse millipede greenstriped grasshopper greenwinged teal gregarious grey domestic goose grey goose greylag goose grinning grooming ground beetle ground under my bird feeder group breeding behaviors group living growing up grumpy guano guarding guards guillotine gular pouch gulf coast toad gulf fritillary gulf fritillary caterpillar gull gulp gulping gutter guy wire gyrinus sp. habitat hackberry emperor hackberry emperor hodges4557 haemorhous mexicanus hairstreak hairstreak butterfly hairstyle hairy hairy beak halberdleaf rosemallow haldea striatula half blind half tail haliaeetus leucocephalus halictus halictus ligatus halloween colors hammering hands handsome hanging hanging j hanging out haphazard happiness is happy hardy harlequin ladybird harmless harmonia axyridis harmony harrassing harvest moon harvesting hatching hatchling hatchlings hawk hawk nest hazard hbc head head plumes head shot head tilt headless healthy heard wildlife sanctuary heavy fog heavy metal hedges heights heirloom rose helianthus annuus helianthus maximiliani helianthus petiolaris heliconius atthis heliconius sp. helophilus fasciatus helping helps uterine fibroids hemaris diffinis hemerocallis sp. hemiargus ceraunus hemidactylus turcicus hentzs orbweaver herbivore hermetia illucens heron herp herps herring gull hesperaloe parviflora hibiscus hibiscus laevis hidden hidden cove hidden nest hidden trail thru hidden meadow on way to winfrey point hiding high high up high wire himantopus mexicanus hippiscus ocelote hippodamia convergens hirundo rustica hispanic hispid cotton rat hispid cotton rats hitler hive hodges 4228 hodges 4299 hodges3745 hodges4197 hodges4209 hodges4210 hodges4228 hodges4480 hodges4537 hodges4975 hodges5037 hodges5216 hodges8146 hodges8465 hodges8733 hodges9299 hodges9314 hogna antelucana holiday hollow holly homalodisca vitripennis home grown homo sapiens honey bee honey bee apis mellifera hooked beak hooked bill hooting hopping horned grebe horned toad horned toad bird feeder horned toad feeder horned toad statue feeder horny toad horse horse eye horseplay host plant hot hot colors hot pink hot pink flowers hot pink legs and feet hot weather hours before branching house house finch house finches house fly house sparrow hover hover fly hoverfly hoverfly larvae hoverfly pupa hoverfly pupae hovering huddle huffines creek huffines park huge hugging hummingbird hummingbird attracting flowers hummingbird moth humor hungry hunter hunting hunting birds hunting bugs hunting sparrows hyalymenus tarsatus hybrid hybrid tea rose hydrangea hydrocotyle sp. hylephila phyleus hyles lineata hymenopappus artemisiifolius hypena scabra hypercompe scribonia hypna clytemnestra hypnotic ibis ibis branchers ibis chick ibis egg ibis fledgling ibis hatchling ibis nest ibis nestling ice ice crystals ice diamonds ice storm icey ichneumon wasp icicle icicles icicles frozen twig icterus galbula ictiobus bubalus icy igneous rock ignoring me illuminate illuminated illusion immature immature american white pelican immature blackbellied whistling duck immature cardinal immature cedar waxwing immature chipping sparrow immature male immature male blue dasher immature male bufflehead immature male dragonfly immature male eastern pondhawk immature male house sparrow immature male powdered dancer immature male powdered dancer damselfly immature male redwinged blackbird impersonation in flight in front of me in the shell incilius nebulifer incoming incubating incubation independent indian blanket indian paintbrush indian potato indian potato plant indian runner duck indigofera miniata indigofera miniata. injured injured foot injured wing injuries injury inlet near the spillway inornate pyrausta moth insect insects intense intent interloper intimidation invasive invasive wildflower inviting iphidamas cattleheart ipomoea cordatotriloba iridescence iridescent iridescent wings iris iris bed iris brevicaulis iris filifolia iron railing irridescent irridescent bromeliad fly ischnura posita ischnura ramburii island between lower spillway steps and lower spillway itch jack nicholson jackhammer jacob kline jade clubtail japanese silk painting jay jazzy leafwing jelly jewel jewel like jewels joe rosenthal john bunker sands wetland center john watts johnson grass jonquil jump jumped jumper jumping jumping spider junco junco hyemalis june beetle june bug junenile least sandpiper junonia coenia just hatched justicia americana juvenile juvenile american juvenile american coot juvenile american crow juvenile american robin juvenile american white ibis juvenile anhinga juvenile black crowned night heron juvenile blackcrowned heron juvenile blue jay juvenile bluewinged teal juvenile bold jumper juvenile brown headed cowbird juvenile brownheaded cowbird juvenile cardinal juvenile cedar waxwing juvenile chipping sparrow juvenile cooper's hawk juvenile coot juvenile cormorant juvenile cowbird juvenile crow juvenile double crested cormorant juvenile doublecreasted cormorant juvenile doublecrested cormorant juvenile dove juvenile downy juvenile downy woodpecker juvenile duck juvenile egret juvenile european starling juvenile european starlings juvenile female cardinal juvenile great blue heron juvenile greattailed grackle juvenile gull juvenile hawk juvenile heron juvenile herring gull juvenile longbilled dowitcher juvenile male cardinal juvenile male house finch juvenile male house sparrow juvenile male northern cardinal juvenile male northern shoveler juvenile male red winged blackbird juvenile male redwing blackbird juvenile male summer tanager juvenile male wood duck juvenile male yellowbellied sapsucker juvenile mallard duck juvenile mallards juvenile mockingbird juvenile muscovy duck juvenile night heron juvenile northern cardinal juvenile northern mockingbird juvenile northern shoveler juvenile red phalarope juvenile red tailed hawk juvenile redbellied woodpecker juvenile redshouldered hawk juvenile robin juvenile rubythroated hummingbird juvenile snowy egret juvenile sparrow juvenile spider juvenile squirrel juvenile starlings juvenile western willet juvenile white winged dove juvenile willet juvenile wood duck juvenile woodpecker juvenile yellow crowned night heron juvenile yellowcrowned nightheron juveniles katie katydid katydid nymph kaufman county kestrel khaki campbell killdeer killdeer chick killdeer family king skimmer kingbird kingbird family kingbird fledglings kingbird nestlings kingfisher kinglet kiowa dancer kiowa dancer damselfly kissing kitchen table kite kitty tv kleptoparasitism klutz knotted koi kwanzan cherry labyrinth lacewing lacy lady banks lady beetle lady bird lady bug lady bugs breeding ladybug larvae lagoon lake lakeside landing landscape landscape timber lanius ludovicianus lantana lantana sp. laparus doris large babies large beak large bee large bird large blooms large butterfly large carpenter bee large cicada large crane flies large cuckoos large dove large dragonfly large duck large egg large fish large fly large gull large hawk large heron large milkweed bug large milkweed bug nymph large moth large mouth bass large periwinkle large robber fly large skipper large wasp large yellow grasshopper largemouth bass larinioides cornutus larus argentatus larus delawarensis larus fuscus larvae laughing laughing gull launching lava lavendar flowers lavender lavender wildflower lawler road lawler road behind the arboretum lawn lawn weed layers laying eggs lazy leaf leaf beetle leaf footed leaf footed bug leaffooted leaffooted bug leaffooted bug nymph leafhopper leafhopper assassin bug leafhopper assassin bug nymph leafwing leap learning learning about monarch butterflies least sandpiper least skipper leaves ledge legs lemna minor lemon and lavender bearded iris lemur catta lepidophora lepidocera lepisosteus oculatus leptoglossus leptoglossus oppositus leptoglossus phyllopus leptotes marina lerema accius lesser blackbacked gull lesser canada goose lesser scaup lesser yellowlegs lettuce leucistic leucophaeus atricilla leucophaeus pipixcan levitation libellula incesta libellula luctuosa libellula vibrans libytheana carinenta lichen life cycle lifer liftoff ligated furrow bee light light coloration light fixture lightweight likely fatality lilies lilium asiatic lily limber limenitis archippus limnodromus scolopaceus limp antennae lincoln's sparrow lined up lines lineup linum rigidum lipstick line liquid litchen lithurgopsis sp litter little blue fledgling little blue heron little blue heron chicks little blue heron eggs little blue heron fledgling little blue heron hatchlings little blue heron nest little butter butt little butterfly little green lacewing little silver butterfly little yellow little yellow butterfly live oak live oak acorn lizard locust lodge log loggerhead shrike loner long antennae long hair cat long hair tabby long jawed orbweaver long neck long ovipositor long tails long toenails longbilled dowitcher longheaded coneflower longjawed longjawed orb weaver longjawed orbweaver longlegged fly looking at mama owl looking at me looking behind looking down from the dam looking for a mate looking for food looking for nesting material looking right at me looking up loose feathers loud loudmouth louisiana iris lounging love darts love song lovely loving lower mandible lower perch lower spillway lower spillway steps lower spillway steps parking lot lower steps lower steps of the spillway lucerne moth lucerne moth hodges5156 lucifer bee fly lucilia sp. lucky ludwigia octovalvis ludwigia peploides lumbricus terrestris luminescence luminosity luminous lunch lupinus texensis luring fish lycopersicon sp. lycoris radiate macro madame galen maevia inclemens magenta butterfly bush magenta flower magic lilies magical magnolia grandiflora magnolia x soulangeana maintenance crew majestic malacosoma disstria male male admirable grasshopper male american bumble bee male american gold finch male american goldfinch male american kestrel male american robin male american wigeon male and female male and female flesh flies male and female kiowa dancers male anhinga male anole male baltimore oriole male barn swallow male barred owl male bee male belted kingfisher male blowfly male blue dasher male blue dasher dragonfly male blue fronted dancer male blue ringed dancer male blue winged teal male bluebird male blueblack spider wasp male bluefaced meadowhawk male bluefronted dancer male blueringed dancer male bluewinged teal male brown headed cowbird male bufflehead male butterfly male canvasback duck male cardinal male cardinal jumping spider male carolina mantis male carolina mantis nymph male chiloé wigeon male clouded sulphur male common green darner male common whitetail male cooper's hawk male cooter male cowbird male crane fly male damselfly male darkeyed junco male domestic muscovy male downy woodpecker male dragonfly male duck male eastern amberwing male eastern bluebird male eastern pondhawk male familiar bluet male feather legged fly male female sixspotted bromeliad flies male fiery skipper male florida leaffooted bug male fly male forktailed bush katydid male fox squirrel male gadwall male giant robber fly male gold finch male golden rein wasp male goldfinch male grackle male grasshopper male gray hairstreak hodges4336 male great blue skimmer male great tail grackle male greattailed grackle male green anole male green striped grasshopper male greenstriped grasshopper male greenwinged teal male house finch male house sparrow male house sparrows male junco male juvenile male juvenile downy woodpecker male juvenile greattailed grackle male juvenile northern cardinal male juvenile rubythroated hummingbird male katydid male kestrel male kingfisher male kiowa dancer male lesser scaup male ligated furrow bee male lizard male mallard male mantis male monarch male muscovy male northern cardinal male northern pintail male northern shoveler male nymph male orange sulphur male orange sulphur hodges4210 male paper wasp male paper wasp polistes metricus male pearl crescent male phaon crescent male ponderous spurthroat grasshopper male pondhawk male powdered dancer male purple martin male pusilla syrphid fly male queen butterfly male rambur's forktail damselfly male rat male red bellied woodpecker male red eared slider male red legged grasshopper male red saddlebags male red shouldered hawk male red winged blackbird male redbellied woodpecker male redeared slider male redhead duck male redwinged blackbird male ring necked duck male river cooter male robin male roof rat male roseate skimmer male ruddy duck male scaup male scissortailed flycatcher male seaside grasshopper male shortwinged green grasshopper male sixspotted bromeliad fly male skipper male slaty skimmer male snailkilling sciomyziade fly male sparrow male squirrel male starling male stream bluet male summer tanager male swift setwing male syrphid fly male trichopoda pennipes male turtle male variegated meadowhawk male vermilion flycatcher male walnut sphinx moth male walnut sphinx moth hodges7827 male white winged dove male widow skimmer male wood duck male woodpecker male yellow warbler mallard mallard baby mallard drake mallard duck mallard duckling mallard ducklings mallard family mallard mother mallard x muscovy hybrid mallards mallophora fautrix mama mama and babies mama and baby mama cardinal mama cooper's hawk mama duck mama hawk mama mallard mama muscovy mama owl mama red shouldered hawk mama sparrow mama wood duck mammal mammel manky mallard mansion mantis mantling many map turtle marbled leafwing marching mare mareca sibilatrix margined leatherwing marine blue maroon feathers marsh marsh primrose marshy marshy area between pier and beach marshy ground marsupial martin house mason wasp massive mate selection mated pair of barred owls mates mating mating behaviors mating rituals mating season matthiola incana mature mature bird mature male mature plumage mature ring billed gull maximilian sunflower maze mckinney texas meadow meadow near duck creek meadowhawk meadowlark meadows and fields of white rock lake between sunset bay and stone table area meal mealy worms mean mecaphesa sp. medicinal mediterranean house gecko meeting megaceryle alcyon megascops asio melanerpes carolinus melanistic melanistic red eared slider melanistic redeared slider melanistic turtle melanoplus melanoplus bivittatus bivittatus melanoplus differentialis melanoplus femurrubrum melanoplus ponderosus melanoplus sp. melia azedarach melonic melospiza lincolnii melospiza melodia membracidae messy mestra amymone metal bridge metal bridge above the lower spillway steps metal flowers metal post metal walking bridge over the lower spillway steps metallic metamorphosis metricus paper wasp mexican duck mexican petunia mexican primrosewillow microcosmic micropterus salmoides mid air mid flight mid hoot midair midair catch middle of the path midge midgulp midnight blue midtoss migrating bird migrating monarch migration migratory bird mikania scandens milkweed milkweed beetle milkweed bug milkweed bug nymph milkweed flower milkweed flowers milkweed leaf milkweed leaf beetle milkweed seed pod milkweed stem millet millipede mimic mimics wasps mimosa mimosa nuttallii mimus polyglottos miner bee mineral minnow minnows miracle mirror mirror image mirror symmetry mirrored preening missing feathers missing leg missing part of a tail missing tail missouri violet mist misumessus oblongus mix of castes mock battles mockingbird models mohawk moistening food mollusk molothrus ater molt molten gold molting molting season moma monarch monarch 1 monarch 1 and monarch 2 monarch 10 monarch 11 monarch 12 monarch 2 monarch 3 monarch 4 monarch 5 monarch 6 monarch 7 monarch 8 monarch 9 monarch butterfly monarch caterpillar monarch egg monarch host plant monarch migration monarch release monarda didyma monk parakeet monk's pepper moody moon moon flower moon flower seedpod mooned morning morning fog morning glory morning light morpho peleides mosquito mosquito hawk moss moss back mossrose mossy mostly gray moth mother mother and babies mother and baby mother beaver mother squirrel motion mounting mourning mourning dove mourning dove nest mouse mouth parts ms. barrett's 2nd grade classroom mud mud and grass nest mud bug mud flat mud nest mud pellet mudbug muddy muddy paws mugging mulberries mulberry leaf mulberry tree mums munching municipal water treatment plant musca domestica muscovy muscovy duckling muscovy ducklings muscovy feet mushroom mushrooms mute mute swan muting my cats my first baby hawk my first cooper's hawk nest my first dove nest my first female orange sulphur my first hawk nest myiopsitta monachus myocastor coypus myrtle myrtle warbler mystery bug nails naked head napping naptime narcissus narcissus erlicheer narrowleaf indian breadroot narrowleaf water primrose narrowwinged damselfly nashville warbler nathalis iole national symbol native native bee native milkweed native plant native prairie native shrub native texas tree native to south and central america native tree native wasp native wildflower native wildflowers natural habitat natural perch nature near a pond in rheudasil park near drowning near duck creek near spillway near sunset bay near the beaver pond near the fish hatchery near the lower spillway steps near the spillway near the stone tables near their nest near winsted parking lot neck stretch nectar nectar guides neighbor's cat neighborhood watch neighbors roof neon neoscona arabesca neoscona crucifera neotibicen dorsatus neotibicen pruinosus neotropic cormorant nephrolepis exaltata nerodia erythrogaster nerodia rhombifer nest nest building nest robbing nest tree nesting nesting behavior nesting material nesting season nesting stick nesting western kingbird nestling nestlings new beginnings new bird for me new butterfly new butterfly for me new feathers new flower species new for me bird new genus for me new growth new hawk for me new insect new life new plant new species new species for me new species of wildflower for me newborn newcomer to my yard newly eclosed newly emerged newly hatched newly released next door next to my window nictitating membrane nictitating membranes night night heron night heron nestling night sky night time nightshade nighttime nijer seed ninja style noble noctournal feeder nocturnal nodding thistle noisy nomophila nearctica non aggressive non breeding colors nonaggressive nonbiting aquatic midge nonbiting midge nonbreeding nonbreeding adult nonbreeding colors nonbreeding plumage nonvenomous nonvenomous snake north american beaver north american opossum north american raccoon northern cardinal northern flicker northern flicker yellow shafted northern mockingbird northern pintail northern pintail duck northern shoveler not garland road side not much known notched ear nude bronze nursing nursing mother nut nut and acorn weevil nutria nuts nyctanassa violacea nycticorax nycticorax nycticorax nyjer seed nymph nymphaea sp. oak tree oblivious obscure bird grasshopper ocelli ochrimnus mimulus ocyptamus fuscipennis odd odd looking odd position oebalus pugnax oenothera speciosa off the pier off winfrey point oil gland old plainsman older juvenile oleander aphids oliveform olympus omnivorous omnivorous platynota moth omnivorous platynota moth hodges3745 on molley on one foot on the ground on the roof on the verge oncometopia orbona oncopeltus fasciatus one foot up one leg one legged one legged duck one of the last photos of katie one wild feather onelegged onelegged bird open beaks open wings oppositeleaf spotflower optical illusion opuntia sp orange orange abdomen orange and black bug orange and black butterfly orange and black caterpillar orange and black stripes orange and brown butterfly orange and white daffodil orange and yellow daffodil orange antennae orange beak orange butterfly orange cat orange crowned warbler orange cup orange daylily orange dragonfly orange eye butterfly bush orange eyebrows orange eyeliner orange eyes orange feathers orange flower orange incisors orange juice orange leaves orange plumes orange ruffles orange spider orange striped ribbon snake orange sulphur orange sulphur hodges4210 orange tabby orange teeth orange tipped antenna orange tulips orangecollared scape moth hodges8267 orangecrowned warbler oranges orasema occidentalis orb weaver orbweaver orbweaver web orchid orchids oreothlypis celata oriole oriole feeder ornamental carp ornamental fish ornamental flowering tree ornamental grasses ornamental peach tree orthemis ferruginea osprey other side of garland road from the spillway other side of the bay other side of the metal bridge from the lower spillway steps ouachita map turtle outside outside my window overcast overflow overwinter ovipositing ovipositor owl owl butterfly owl house owlet oxidus gracilis oxyura jamaicensis pachydiplax longipennis paddling painful bite paint painting effect pair pair of american gold finch pair of anhingas pair of blackcrowned night herons pair of gold finch pair of great egrets pair of grebe pair of grebes pair of mallards pair of piedbilled grebe paired up pallid spiny softshell palpada furcata palpada hoverfly palpada pusilla palpada vinetorum palpita quadristigmalis pandion haliaetus carolinensis pansies pansy pantaloons papa papa hawk papa owl paper wasp papilio glaucas papilio glaucus papilio polyxenes papilio troilus parasite pardosa pardosa sp. parent parent and child parent hawk parent killdeer parent redshouldered hawk parents parhelophilus sp parides iphidamas parking garage shot parking lot parking lot fence parking lot near the lower spillway steps parrot parrot condo parrot tulip part of the dallas skyline part thoroughbred and part quarter horse partially hidden passer domesticus passerculus sandwichensis passing thru pastel pastel flowers patchwork path path above the lower spillway path above the spillway pathetic patrol patterns pavement pawpaw sphinx pawpaw sphinx hodges7784 paws at rest peaceful peach tree peanut pear tree pearl crescent pearly woodnymph caterpillar pebble pecan pecan tree pecan tree trunk pecking pediomelum linearifolium peek a boo peeking peeling peep peeps peering pekin duck pelecanus erythrorhynchos pelican pelicans pennisetum setaceum pentas pentas lanceolata pentas leaves pentas sp. peppermint peppermint flowering peach tree perception perched perched in tree perched on a sign perched on a wire perched on one foot perennial perennials performance art perfumed perithemis tenera periwinkle periwinkle colored bearded iris perky persicaria aquaticum personality pest pestering petrophila bifascialis pets phalacrocorax auritus phalacrocorax brasilianus phalaenopsis sp phalaropus fulicarius phaon crescent pheromones phidippus audax phidippus cardinalis phoebe phoebis sennae phoenix photo bomb photo bomber photo story photobomb photobomber photography phyciodes phaon phyciodes tharos phyllophaga sp. pickerelweed pickerelweed flowers picnic picnic table picoides pubescens picturewinged fly pied billed grebe piedbilled grebe pier pieris rapae pigeon pigeon toed pill bug pillbug pillow pin feathers pink pink amaryllis pink and white flower pink and yellow flower pink asters pink azaleas pink beak pink belly pink bill pink blossoms pink blush pink breasts pink carpet border asiatic lily pink daffodil pink dragonfly pink dress pink feet pink flower pink flowers pink legs pink mexican petunia pink morning glory pink moth pink primrose pink rose pink stock pink tulips pink water lily pink wildflower pinwheeling piranga rubra pistacia chinensis pitcher sage plain bellied water snake plain bellied watersnake plainbellied water snake plainbellied watersnake planes plant plant sucking planthopper platanus occidentalis platform stick plathemis lydia platycryptus undatus platynota rostrana play play dead playful playing plotting plover pluchea odorata var. odorata plumage plumes plump poanes viator poanes yehl podiceps auritus podiceps nigricollis podilymbus podiceps poecilanthrax lucifer poecile carolinensis poinsettia poison ivy sawfly poisonous pole pole feeder polinator polioptila caerulea polistes polistes dorsalis polistes exclamans polistes metricus polistes rubiginosus polka dots pollen polli pollinate pollinating pollination pollinator pollinators polyandry polygonia interrogationis polygonia interrogationis fabricius polymerus basalis polymorphism pond pond above the lower spillway steps pond along stone creek pond on duck creek ponderous spurthroat grasshopper pondhawk pontederia cordata pooecetes gramineus pool pool behind lower spillway steps popcorn tree poppy poppy owls porous portrait portulaca grandiflora posing posse possible juveniles possible pair possible pheromones possible siblings possible texas cooter possum poster postman postman butterfly posturing pot plant potato bug potter wasp pouch pouch stretching powder blue powder puff powdered dancer powdery snow power cord powerful prairie prairie clover prairie grasses prairie petunia prairie sunflower prairie verbena praying mantis predator preening preening oil gland pregnant presenting preservation pretty pretty beautiful prey prickly prickly pear prickly pear cactus pride primping primrose princeton texas probing probiscus proboscis procyon lotor profile progne subis promachus hinei promise of fall beauty propeller propeller injury protected protecting protection protective protective mama proud prunus persica prunus serrulata pseudemys concinna pseudemys texana pseudodynerus quadrisectus psychedelic pterostichus subgenus abacidus puberty puddle pudgy puff ball puffball puffed up puffy pumping up the wings pumpkin house pumpkin jack pumpkins punk punk hair style pupa pupa shell pupate puppy purple purple berries purple crocus purple dutch iris purple feathers purple flower purple iris purple lores purple martin house purple martins purple prairie clover purple salvia purple stock purslane pursuit pushed out pusilla syrphid fly pygmy pygmy grasshopper pyrausta inornatalis pyrgus communis pyrisitia lisa pyrocephalus rubinus pyrrhopappus sp pyrus calleryana pyrus calleryiana quacking quaker parrot quarter horse quartz queen anne's lace queen butterfly quercus virginiana question mark question mark butterfly quinceañera quiscalus mexicanus quiscalus quiscula rabbit rabbit ear rabbit eye rabid wolf spider rabidosa rabida raccoon raccoon statue raccoon tail racer radiant raggedy wings raging railing rain rain barrel rain drops rain gutter rain lily rain pond rain ponds near the stone tables rain pool rain puddle rain puddles rain shower rain storm raindrops rainstorm rainy rainy day raised wings rambur's forktail rambur's forktail ischnura ramburii random raptor raptor like rare bird rare butterfly rare ducks rare sighting rat rat like tail rat tail ratibida columnifera rattus rattus reakirt's blue rear attached legs rear view rebel rebirth reblooming iris reborn recent storm red red admiral red admiral butterfly red amaryllis red and yellow iris red and yellow paper wasp red and yellow wasp red and yellow wildflower red angus red angus bull red ant red bellied red bellied woodpecker red belly red berries red berry red bird red boss red coloration red dewlap red eared slider red eyed squirrel red eyes red face red flower red geranium red hind tibiae red imported fire ant red imported fire ants red iris red leaves red legged grasshopper red legs red legs and feet red lores red louisiana iris red muscovy red nape red paper wasp red pentas red pentas pentas sp red phalarope red poppy red rose red saddlebags red salvia red shouldered hawk red shouldered stink bug red spider lily red stripe red tail red tailed red tailed hawk red tulips red warts red winged blackbird red yucca redbanded hairstreak redbanded leafhopper redbellied woodpecker redbird redbud tree redeared slider redeared sliders redhead duck redshouldered hawk redspotted aster mirid redstem storksbill redtailed redtailed hawk redwinged blackbird redwinged blackbird fledgling redwinged blackbird nest reeds reflecting pool reflection reflections regal regina grahamii regulus calendula regurgitated food regurgitation reinhart branch relaxed relaxing release release 1 reptile reptiles rescue resting restricted area restrictive access rheinhart branch rhododendron sp. ribbon snake rice bug rice crop pest rice stink bug richardson richardson texas richland community college riding a bike right in front of me right side up ring billed ring billed gull ring tailed lemur ringbilled ringbilled gull ringnecked duck riparian forest ripple ripples rivalry river cooter river rat road kill roadkill roadrunner robber fly robin robin red breast rock rock dove rock hound rock pigeon rocks rodent rodent family rolled up roly poly roof roof rat roof top rooftop rookery rookery nests roosting roosting tree rope rosa banksiae rose roseate skimmer rosebud rosine smith sammons butterfly house insectarium rosoideae rosa ross's goose rough earth snake round tail rouse rousing roving gang of juvenile starlings rubbing legs together rubus trivialis ruby throated hummingbird rubycrowned kinglet rubythroated hummingbird rudbeckia hirta ruddy duck ruddy ducks ruellia simplex c. wright ruffled feathers running running away running water runway runway walk rural rural road rural species of rat rushes rushing rushing water rusted cart rusty sachem skipper sad saddlebags safe safe place safflower seed safflower seeds sagittaria latifolia sail boat salix sp salvia salvia argentea salvia azurea salvia guaranitica amistad salvia x greggii raspberry delight sam samantha sand sand bar sand digger wasp sand digger wasps sandbar sandpiper sandpipers sandstone sandstone column sandy sapphires sapsucker sapsucker holes sassy saucer magnolia savannah sparrow sawfly sayornis phoebe scaly bee fly scared scarlet pea scarred scars scaup scavenger sceliphron caementarium sceloporus olivaceus scene of the crime scent glands scented schistocerca americana schistocerca obscura schizocosa school sciomyziade fly scissors grinder cicada scissortailed flycatcher sciurus niger sciurus niger. fox squirrel scottish fold scout scouts scratching screaming screaming hawk screech owl screech owl house screen scudderia furcata scudderia furcate sculpture scyphophorus acupunctatus seagoville seagoville texas seagull searching seaside grasshopper second time to see one second winter ringbilled gull second year ring billed gull second year ringbilled gull security sedimentary rock see thru seed seed bug seed eater seed head seed husk seed pod seed pods seed stalk seedlets seedling seedpod seeds seeds feed painted buntings seeking seizure semi precious gem semiaquatic rodent sensitive briar separation anxiety sepedon armipes serene serenity set up setophaga coronata setophaga petechial seven spotted lady beetle sevenspotted lady beetle sevenspotted lady beetle coccinella septempunctata sex organs shad shade shade garden shadow shadows shady shake shale sharing sharp sharpshinned hawk sharpshooter shedding shedding skin shell shelter sheltered sherbet shimmer shingles shiny shore bird shortwinged green grasshopper shot thru a window show off shower showing off shrub shrubs shy shy bird sialia sialis sibling sibling rivalry siblings sick side of house side of pier side view sidewalk siesta sigmodon hispidus silhouette silk silk button silky silly silver silver and black silver appleyard duck silver butterfly silver sage silver shad silverspotted skipper silverstudded leafwing singer singing sinister sisal weevil sisters sisyrinchium angustifolium sitting sitting on eggs size comparision skidding skimmer skipper sky skyflower slaty skimmer sleeping sleeping cats sleepy sleet sleet storm slider sliders slightly leucistic slimy slipped slippery slipping slope slow motion sluggish from the cold small butterfly small duck small egret small goose small heron small owl small raptor smallest dabbling duck smallest sandpiper smallmouth buffalo smart smartweed smc rookery smile smiling snack snag snail snailkilling sciomyziade fly snails snake snake bird snake eye snapping turtle sneak sneak attack sneaking sneaky sneeze snipe snipe fly snout snout butterfly snout moth snow snow covered geode snow fall snow flake snow flakes snow storm snowberry clearwing hummingbird moth snowfall snowing snowy egret snowy egret battle snowy egret chick snowy egret fledgling snowy egret mating attempt snowy egret nest snowy egret nestling snowy egret with some brown feathers snowy fountain snowy nest snowy shrubs snuggle snuggling soaked soaking soapberry hairstreak soapberry hairstreak butterfly soaring sociable social social birds social wasp soft soft light soft triangles softshell softshell turtle soggy vegetation solanum dimidiatum solenopsis invicta soliciting food solidago sp solidago sp. solitary solitary mason wasp solitude song bird song sparrow songbird sophora affinis sorghum halepense sorrel south american butterfly south and central america southern southern carpenter bee southern dewberry southern live oak southern magnolia southern marsh fleabane southern pink moth southern women southern yellowjacket southwest medical center bird rookery sparkle sparkles sparkling sparkly sparrow sparrows special special effect specimen speckled egg spectator speculum speeding sphex habenus sphex ichneumoneus sphinx sphinx moth sphyrapicus varius spicebush swallowtail butterfly spider spider egg case spider egg sac spider flower spider lilies spider lily spider plant spider wasp spider web spiked spiked feathers spikelets spiky spiky feathers spillway spillway dam spillway steps spilosoma virginica spinneret spinning spiny spiny softshell spiny softshell turtle spitting spizella passerine spizella pusilla splash splashdown splashing spodoptera ornithogalli spoiled spooky spots spotted spotted breast spotted cucumber beetle spotted gar spotted sandpiper spotted sandpipers spotting a fly spread wings spring spring blooms spring bulb spring bulbs spring flower spring flowering spring flowers spring migration spring wildflower sprout spur throated grasshopper spying sqawking squawk squawking squirrel squirrel at rest squirrel nest squirrels ssb st augustine stadium lights stagmomantis carolina stalker stalking stampede standing standing guard standing watch star stare down stare off staring staring contest staring match starling starlings startled state flower static electricity statue stealing stealth stereum ostrea sterna forsteri sternotherus odoratus stick stick gathering stick placement sticks stiff greenthread still life stilt stiltlegged fly stinger stinging insect stink bug stinkbug stinkpot stock stone creek stone creek flower mound stone turtle storm storm clouds storms strand of grass stranded upside down strange strange hands strange position strange teeth straw stray cat stream stream bluet street photography strength training streptopelia decaocto stretch spiders stretched stretching striped beak stripes strix varia stroll strolling strut strutting strymon melinus stuck stuffed sturnella sp. sturnus vulgaris sub species subfamily astatinae subfamily tetriginae subtle colors subtle shades success succulent sucker suction cups suet suet basket suet pellets sulphur sulphur butterfly summer summer flower summer tanager sun sun bathing sunflower sunflower seed sunflower sprout sunlight sunlight and shadows sunlilght sunlit sunning sunny sunrise sunset sunset bay sunset bay beach sunset beach sunset blood flower scarlet milkweed asclepias curassavica sunshine sunshine and shadows surprise survival survivor swallow swallowing swallows swallowtail swallowtail butterfly swamp swamp milkweed leaf beetle swan sweat bee swedish blue sweet sweet acacia sweet acacia tree sweet tooth sweetscent swift swift setwing swimming swirly swollen sycamore tree sylvilagus floridanus symmetry sympetrum ambiguum sympetrum corruptum symphyotrichum divaricatum synchronized synchronized fishing synchronized preening syrbula admirabilis syrphid fly tabby tachinid tachinidae taeniaptera trivittata tai chi tail tail cartilage tail feathers take off taking aim talkative talking tall grass tall grass blade talon stretch talons tan jumping spider tanager tandem flight tandem flying tangerine tanstriped morph taraxacum officinale tattered tattered wings tawny emperor taxodium distichum teaching teaching moment teal tecoma stans teenager teenagers teeth telephone pole telephone poles telephone wire telephone wires tequila worm tern territorial tersa sphinx tersa sphinx caterpillar tersa sphinx moth tersa sphinx moth hodges 7890 tersa sphinx pupa tersa sphinx pupa hodges 7890 test gardens tetragnatha texas bindweed texas birds archive texas bluebonnet texas bow legged bug texas carpenter bee texas death match texas discovery gardens texas discovery gardens at fair park texas indian paintbrush texas native plant texas skies texas sky texas spiny lizard texas state bird texas state flower texas tawny emperor texas thistle texas thistle seeds texas wildflower texas wildflowers texasou weekend. texture textures thamnophis proximus proximus thanksgiving afternoon the emperor the goose man the heard the heights the heights baptist church thelesperma filifolium thinlegged wolf spider thirsty thistle thistle feeder thistle seed thistle seeds thistle sock thorn bug thread waisted thread waisted wasp threadfin shad threadwaisted wasp threatened threatening thru a car window thryothorus ludovicianus thyanta custator tibicen tibicen pruinosus tibicen tibicen tick tiger stripes tiger swallowtail timid tin foil tiny tiny butterfly tiny dragonfly tiny feet tiny fish tiny fly tiny lilies tiny robber fly tiny seeds tiny sparrow tiny wasp tip toes tiptoe tiptoeing tipula sp. tipulidae titmouse toad toads toads eye toenails toes tongue tongue flicking top of dam top of spillway top of the dam top of the lower spillway steps top of the spillway top of upper spillway torn ear torn wings tortie tortoise shell tortoise shell cat toss tossing tough love toxic toxomerus marginatus toxomerus politus trachemys scripta elegans trachemys scripta troostii tradition traffic island trail trail along stone creek tramea lacerata tramea onusta tranquil tranquility transandean cattleheart transformer substations transition transition plumage transitional transitional plumage translucence translucent treat tree tree above creek that runs between the lower spillway steps and proper tree above the lower spillway steps tree above the pond behind the lower spillway steps tree above the pool behind the lower spillway steps tree across water from the lower spillway steps tree along creek between lower spillway steps and lower spillway tree along the creek between lower spillway steps and tree bark tree branch tree by pond behind the lower spillway steps tree by the pond behind the lower spillway steps tree by winsted parking lot tree knee tree limb tree reflections tree right before the beginning of lower spillway tree right before the beginning of the lower spillway tree stump tree top tree tops tree trunk treehopper trees trees along stream between lower spillway steps and lower spillway triadica sebifera triangles trichopepla semivittata trichopoda lanipes trichopoda pennipes trick of the eye tricolor heron chicks in nest tricolor heron nest tricolor heron nestlings tricolor heron sex tricolor nest tricolored heron trimerotropis maritima tringa flavipes tringa melanoleuca tringa semipalmata trinity river audubon center triple center tripod trirhabda trolling tropical tropical milkweed tropical tree trout lily true bug trunk tuber tufted titmouse tulip tulipa sp tulips tumor turdus migratorius turkey buzzard turkey vulture turning 15 turtle turtle on log turtle sunning turtle toenails turtles tussel tutles twig twisted two toned bill typha latifolia tyrannus forficatus tyrannus tyrannus tyrannus verticalis ugly umbrella uncomfortable uncommon uncommon for dallas county uncommon in texas under hawk nest underside underwater turtle unexpected unique unknown man unknown men unusual unusual behavior unusual bill unusual color unusual coloration unusual feet up high upper spillway upside down urban wildlife ut southwest medical ut southwest medical center ut southwest medical center rookery utsw rookery valley carpenter bee vanessa atalanta vanessa virginiensis variegated variegated fritillary variegated mason wasp variegated meadowhawk velvety venomous vermilion flycatcher vermivora ruficapilla very young little blue herons vespula pensylvanica vespula squamosa viceroy viceroy butterfly vine violent vireo vireo gilvus virginia opossum virginian tiger moth virginian tiger moth hodges 8137 visitors vivid voyeur vulture wader waders wading wake walking a dog walking bridge walking path walking path above the lower spillway walking path above the spillway walking path above the upper spillway walking path from sunset bay to winfrey point walking path on top of dam walking path over the dam wapato war warbler warbling vireo warm warmth warning warts washing washing food wasp wasp eggs wasp nest watchful watching watching me water water ballet water drop water drops water fall water falls water fountain water fowl water lily water right by the winsted parking lot water skiing water snake water treatment plant water turtle watercolors waterfall waterlogged waterway waxwing weather vane web webworm weed weeping willow weeping willow tree weevil weights weird western horsenettle western kingbird western kingbird fledglings western kingbird nest western kingbird nestlings western ribbon snake western willet westerneastern meadowlark wet wet feathers wet fur wet grass wetland wheels down whirligig beetles white white clover white daisy white down white dress white duck white egret white feathers white flower white flowers white fur white fuzz white ibis hatchling white ibis nest white ibis nestling white moth white patches white pelican white pollen white prairie clover white rock white rock dam white rock lake white star white throated sparrow white trout lily white water white wing dove whitecrowned sparrow whitethroated whitethroated sparrow tanstriped widow skimmer wigeon wild parakeet wild tomato wild tomato plant wild tree wild vine wildflower wildflower meadow wildflower patch wildflower stalk wildflowers willet willow tree wilson's snipe wind spread window sill windy windy day winfrey point wing wing deformity wing feathers wing flap wing flap dance wing patterns wing span wing spread wing stretch wingercising wings wings closed wings open wingspread winsted winsted parking lot winsted parking lot fence winsted parking lot grass winter winter bird winter birds winter colors winter duck winter ducks winter flock winter flowers winter gull winter plumage winter sparrow winter visitor winter warbler wire wolf spider wolf spider egg sac wolf springs road wood chipping wood duck wood duck ducklings wood louse wooden pier wooden planks wooden post woodhouse's toad woodland woodnymph woodpecker woodpecker holes woodpile woolly bear wooly woolybear workout worm worms worn wren wrestling wrinkled grasshopper wrought iron x shaped tracks xylocopa micans xylocopa sp xylocopa varipuncta xylophanes tersa yard aster yawn yawning yelling yellow yellow and orange beak yellow and orange tulip yellow bird yellow butterfly yellow crowned night heron yellow crowned night heron nest yellow daisy yellow dutch iris yellow eyes yellow feet yellow flax yellow flower yellow gape yellow grasshopper yellow iris yellow jacket yellow rose yellow rumped warbler yellow shafted yellow warbler yellow wildflower yellow woolybear yellowbellied sapsucker yellowcrowned night heron yellowcrowned night heron nest yellowcrowned nightheron yellowjacket yellowstriped armyworm yellowstriped armyworm moth hodges9669 yellowstriped armyworm moth hodges9669 spodoptera ornithogalli yoga young young female young hawk young male young male eastern pondhawk young squirrel yucca yucca augustiflora zelus renardii zenaida asiatica zenaidura macroura zethus spinipes variegatus ziggy zigzag in web zonotrichia albicollis
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